Fantastic Local Tours of Eden

We are very excited to now be including some wonderful highly rated tours for you. Come and enjoy a stay with us during Autumn and at the same time, take the opportunity to take a real adventure and discover Eden and her surrounds like no other, on these unique tours.

We are really proud to have Garden of Eden’s Caravan Park resident and long time local with his fantastic expansive tour of Eden and her surrounds. And expansive and immersive tour, takes you right into the NSW national Parks, and to other places you wont normally find.

Great Southern Trike Tours is a small family run operation providing an exhilarating and unique way to see the spectacular Sapphire Coast of NSW.

We have been planning our new trike tour business for the past five years and have just purchased a brand new 2020 Boom Mustang Trike.  The trike has been engineered and manufactured in Germany with the latest features in comfort, safety and style with elevated passenger seating for unrestricted passenger views.